Agile podcasts [the complete list]

A complete list of the active Agile podcasts that I often recommend and also listen to now and then. A lot of them have transcripts and additional interesting links and info on their sites. We find the links to the actual Agile podcast after the jump on each listing.

A podcast hosted by Joe Krebs, where he discusses all things Agile and beyond with an interesting guest a couple of times per month.
Agile Book Club
A fairly new podcast about newly published Agile books. The concept is that Justyna Pindel and Paul Klibb read a book for each episode, and then discuss it. Perhaps the most interesting is the second part, where they interview each author.
Agile coaches’ corner

A podcast from the company Agile Thought where their employees talk to each other about methods and challenges in Agile.

Agile Coffee
Victor Bonacci’s long runnning Agile podcast, recording his lean coffee meetups, with a new episode every month.
Agile Chicago Style Podcast

A local community podcast hosted by the Agile coaches Rick Waters and Matt Beam.

Agile Amped
Yes, this is a podcast from Accenture, where company representatives interview their guests. They do have interesting guests sometimes though.
Agile for Humans

Ryan Ripley publishes a new episode every week of his appreciated podcast with interesting Agile guests. One of my absolute favourites, actually.

Agile Uprising
This is a podcast from the great initiative Agile Uprising – an independent network and community of agile thought leaders aiming to advance the agile mindset. Do as I did, and join the community. The podcast coming out almost weekly has different hosts from the community and equally interesting guests and subjects. While you\re there, don’t miss the interview series with the Agile Manifesto co-authors.
Boss Level Podcast
A very inspiring series of interviews with amazing guests, hosted by Sami Honkonen. Is this Agile? The subjects are often related to the greater good, mixing things like improving organizations, fighting poverty and the climate change, and thats why we are here really anyway.
Collaboration Superpowers Podcast
A podcast from the company with the same name, hosted by Lisette Sutherland. All the content is focused on ways of improving work in distributed environments, in virtual teams and between remote teams.
Deliver It
A podcast focused on Product Owners and their practices and challenges. Hosted by Cory Bryan publishing a new episode every fortnight.
Engineering Culture Podcast

InfoQ has several interesting podcasts, but this one with a new episode each week is the one that usually catches my attention. The episodes are covering a vast area of interests, and are usually about 20 – 30 minutes long.

Happy Melly podcast

A podcast from the global professional happiness organization – a network of sorts aiming for greater happiness in the work life. A new episode out every other week.

Leading Agile
Focused on large scaled agile transformations, a podcast from the company Leading Agile. They do interviews but also student Q&A:s from their courses.
This agile podcast, created and hosted by Bob Galen and Josh Anderson, has been around since 2010(!)
RAAS – Reflection as a Service
A podcast about Agile software development and entrepreneurship, made by Paul Merrill (and up until recently, James Jeffers).
SAFe Business Agility Podcast

A podcast about Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) from Scaled Agile. A few episodes per month where guests and SAFe fellows discuss different aspects of  SAFe, answer questions and goe through examples from organisations and enterprises using SAFe.

Scrum Master Toolbox

This is a podcast hosted by Vasco Duarte, with a new episode each weekday. As the name says, the focus is mostly on Scrum Master practices. He has chosen a very handy format with one guest per week, and episodes are just about 10 minutes long.

Software Engineering Radio
A podcast for software developers from the crew at IEEE Software magazine, mixing agile and programming and what not.
SpamCast – Software Process and Measurement Cast
The longest running podcast in this list! It’s been around since 2007 and has interviews, essays, facts and tips about process improvement and measurement in the Information Technology arena.
Sprint UX Podcast
A weekly podcast where Kyle Coberly, Michael Dusing and Cody Moiseve chat and discuss all things related to UX, design and ways of working.
The Agile Pubcast
A very noisy podcast 🙂 where Geoff Watts and Paul Goddard talks with each other over a few beers, in the pub of course.
The Agile Revolution
More than 170 episodes made by the three agilists Craig Smith, Renée Troughton and Tony Ponton.
This Agile Life
A whole group of hosts, discussing agile philosophy and real life solutions with interesting guests.
The Modern Agile Show

Joshua Kerievsky and guests talk about all things Agile, often from a Modern Agile point of view of course. This podcast exists both as a videopod over at YouTube, as well as an ordinary voice only feed.
ModernAgileShow Youtube channel

The Rabbit Hole Podcast
A developers podcast, with a good mix of technical subjects and discussions on ways of working and collaboration patterns.
Troubleshooting Agile
Jeffrey Fredrick and Douglas Squirrel are writing a book together called Agile Conversations. Just recently they started this podcast as a companion and inspiration for the upcoming book.

Agile Podcasts in Swedish


A Swedish bi-weekly podcast about Agile culture and ways of working hosted by Erik Hultgren and Dick Lyhammar.

Agila HR-podden

In this podcast Frida Mangen invites guests every other week to discuss Agile organisations and companies from a HR perspective.

Bra Bättre Agil

A podcast with a series of interviews, done by Lina Horndahl.

Väg 74

A podcast from the company Agical concerning everything related to systems development, such as Agile, XP, DevOps, TDD asf, hosted by Ola Ellnestam and Tobias Anderberg

Lean Podcasts

Lean-Agile Straight Talk
Lean Blog Interviews Podcast
Lean Change Management

Currently inactive agile podcasts

All things Agile – inactive
The Guardian Podcast
Hosted by Ryn Melberg, this podcast is often about governance in Agile, Lean and Scaled Agile. 
Why Agile Transformations Fail

Wouldn’t we like to have the one and final answer? In this podcast Gez Smith does his best to investigate failures in a series of interesting interviews.

Missing any great agile podcasts?

Let me know in a comment below and I’ll add your suggestions, or drop me a mail at!

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