Emanuel Felix Tunbjer, Gosub Advisory – Lean & Agile coaching

Emanuel Felix Tunbjer and Gosub Advisory offer Agile coaching, training and advisory to organizations, coaches and leaders, in Agile and Lean thinking and ways of working.

Emanuel is a senior enterprise Lean and Agile Coach. I work with coaching Agile transformations, Agile trainings and advisory, or simply assisting in stimulating continuous improvements in ways of working, organizations and systems.


Why Gosub?
Gosub is a command used in many versions of the old programming language Basic. Issuing the command gosub starts a sub-routine where all kinds of exciting things can happen, while the main program is sometimes even unaware of the changes and activities introduced in the sub-routine. This until the command Return is given, when the result of the sub routine is returned to the main program which can then go on in a changed environment, with new results.

Agile things I especially like at the moment

Moder Agile

Modern Agile

This is Joshua Kerievsky's take on agile methods in the shape of four values:
Make people awesome
Make safety a prerequisite
Experiment and learn rapidly
Deliver value continuously

This sounds simple, and as such it's very intricate!

Guided By Posters

Guided By Posters

A pet project!
GuidedByPosters combines selected cultural events and organizers with great design and poster art from the streets in a single guide to chosen cities, starting with Stockholm.

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